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  • Creatives Indian Ocean

    Agency of the year since 2013.

    The 'Créatives de l'Océan Indien' is a well-known regional festival held in Reunion island which rewards the best design and advertising works of the Indian Ocean. Circus has won The Best Agency of the Indian Ocean for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Circus has also bagged 6 Grand Prix since its participation. The 'Grand Prix' represent the best and the brightest ads of the Indian Ocean region.

  • African Cristal Festival

    20 Awards.

    The African Cristal Festival rewards the best advertising campaigns created and broadcasted over the African continent, on any media. Circus has been topping the list as the most prized agency of the Indian Ocean Region since its participation.

  • Maputo International Festival

    3 Grand Prix.

    Maputo Awards is held in Mozambique held by the Mozambican Association of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Companies and open their entries worldwide. Circus has been winning 18 awards till now, among 3 Grand Prix.

  • Giraffes Awards

    25 Awards.

    The Annual Giraffes Awards is organised by Publicis Africa Group and represents the best ads from its affiliated agencies in the African continent. Circus has won the Black Giraffes Award for its first participation in 2013, which is the unique Grand Prix prize as well as 25 prizes till date.